1. Bags (AD*STAR® block bottom valve bags)

AD*STAR is the renowned block bottom sack made without adhesives by heat welding of the coating on the fabric. It was developed with automated filling and handling processes.

AD*STAR bags divided into two categories; a one-layer block bottom valve bag or as an open mouth bag with a block bottom. It surpasses all comparable products as far as resistance to breakage is concerned, is versatile and also eco-friendly and economical. The bags are manufactured with a circular woven PP tube and produced exclusively on Starlinger or Windmoller & Holscher machines.

Gypsell AD*STAR bags is printed on one/two sides in up to 4 colors. The top and bottom patches can be also printed. A coating with a matt or shiny finish is available in different colors. On request the bags can be perforated.


  • Range is from 300*500*100 mm to 390*420*100 mm (valve bag)
  • width: 300 and 420 mm
  • length: 420 and 500 mm
  • bottom/top: 100 m


2. Big Bags and Jumbo Bags

Big bags, bulk bags or jumbo bags are the ideal solution for the temporary storage and transportation of dry bulk goods like mining powder minerals, aggregates and other ingredients. Big bags advantages are listed below:

  • Highly cost-effective packaging
  • Easy to handle
  • Safe to carry up to a thousand times its own weight
  • No need for secondary packaging
  • Low weight and minimal space to cut costs in warehousing
  • Printed bags as mobile promotion and/or mention essential product information
  • recyclable
  • Big bags are suitable to every requirements


  • Size is 95*95*140 mm3
  • width: 95 mm
  • length: 95 mm
  • bottom/top: 140 mm